Monday, May 14, 2007


I know it has been a while since my last post, but I have to pay my Internet bill, so that is the reason, not that I am at a lost for words rather the contrary. A couple of weeks ago Andi from Westsektor mentioned to me that Grace Jones was to appear at a party in Frankfurt. The usual frenzy of who is on the guest list, and, who do you know and, how should we manage it. well this is Frankfurt, not NY. how difficult could it be. Not very, after we had established that we all found cards to said event, everything went smooth, until the night. At the Fine art fair, some of the exhibited pieces were great, I especially liked the beaded car, from Galarie Voss, Claus Richter was able to provide us with his fantasy store front. Lovely stuff. we then proceeded to get ready. The bad part of the whole affair was the Deutche Bank which were the main sponsors, decided that they should have a guest list party, and a part for the regulars. Well I was made to understand that Firstly the party was for People of the fine art messe and the artists, what made them think that to have clients of the bank, as special guest something that was worth doing, we are talking about the same bank that said the couple of billion euros, that went missing with Joergen Schneider was peanuts, was not able to throw just a few nuts around for such an event?????? How does Frankfurt expect to, polish its name as a leader in the art world when the peanut throwing bank was only thinking about acquisitions, The whole thing in the end was a farce,(yes I was in the V.I.P, room). the only thing which I thought was missing from this whole sorry affair on the part of Deutche bank, was just a little bit of Grace

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This is the one, where you should be, and have an outfit that makes talking about you make sense.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Naomi campbell

Well the week has come to a close we sorry I held my breath as what she would wear to scrub floors. the wait was not in vain. from her chauffeured van Miss Campbell alighted, flash Christian Louboutin shoes ( not even going to say how much they cost),channel cap, and an Azzerdine Alia coat.Well, what would you expect? as she shimmied through ice and snow one had to wonder what her new co workers must have thought.Day Two, fur it´s cold outside, then of course scandal. N.Y, police carried her bag into her cleaning duties. I have to give it to her, work it girl is what one can read on the web, or jail the bitch.I say if you can do it do it, who wouldn't. i will update this post, because she came to work today in her work clothes, shock of all shocks, however I did notice that very large Hermes weekend bag. I fear we will not be disappointed by the end of this saga.Flash.

All photos (getty)
Update :
As predicted she did not disappoint.

Friday, March 09, 2007


The other day Vogue proclaimed that it was issuing the biggest issue ever. starring Jennifer Hudson. Now I will give her the praise of winning the Oscar,But thin she ain't. Most of the times subtlety is lost on most and invented by others.
Matt Sanchez has in the last weeks been pranced prodded, plucked and paraded, around the Conservative circuit. turns out he likes to be prodded himself. It would seem that the Republican party, is the place to be these days, who knew that the party recruited,in the cruising parks, the church, and porn films. Seems like a night in the S to me. I am still trying to come to terms with why did I not join when I was in school. But there was always this nagging feeling I got when confronted by the parents of my friends. those J crew wearing people. They just had that look of either wanting to be ridden, Or planning on calling Mr Sanchez and asking the merits of male bonding in the military.I will not in anyway try and project myself as the moralistic pillar, as my green house would not be able to call it self such. The question is why have such a high ground praise god at every award show, however as soon as the curtain closes, The vampire frenzy begins, making the crack heads at the hauptbahnhof seem like ballet dancers. The point being call a spade a spade. Jennifer Hudson is, well a rather big girl now, so we needed more pages. The Republican party should just hold Vogue balls, and walk for realness, as they put the rest of us morally impaired to shame.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dont tell mama

Ladies with an attitude.

Beer is a thing that when consumed in large quantities, the following effects are immediate. One you are as drunk as that uncle that comes over for visits, you're sleeping on the bar, funny how a bar made of hard wood can seem at said moments, as having the effect of the most luxurious mattress that is hand made for the sultan of Brunei.Your making out with that creature, that in your deluded mind looks like Sofia Loren, but in reality resembles,Jack Nicholson peering through the door in the film The shining.
However, there is one persistent need, and that is the river that is building up inside, that needs to be let out at the speed of the Niagara Falls. Men's bathroom full, so in you go to the fresh women's room . Lights large mirrors, ladies refreshing make up, that term ladies conjours in my mind, Iman, then again illusions are many times just that, illusions. Because as you let your self into the stall, sorry I meant the bathroom, the floor is full of toilet paper, because the hole in the toilet is too small to be able to throw it in, secondly the toilet paper is gone even though there are only 2 women in the whole bar, and lastly the toilet seat looks as if a cat was trying to emulating his beloved master, by trying to master, relieving and balancing on the toilet seat. now there was a period in our lives that we all want to forget, and that is the time in which we were placed on some plastic object so that we could learn to use the toilet instead of just letting it all hang out with us for a while until, someone noticed, that it is not the garbage can that needs to be changed. with that said I would like to know, how is it possible that The ladies are not able to master, sitting on the toilet. Now I have had this conversation many times but I am stilled puzzled. the arguments stemming from not getting pregnant, (this is why the story of Boris Beckers last baby was able to remain in the press for a while) To catching some disease. Well, I know that women have different parts to men, however am I to assume that said part is so huge as to take up the whole circumference of the toilet seat that the possibility of getting some kind of disease is, well rather higher. Because you know what even I would want to see that big pussy. After you tiptoe out of that stall, sorry hole, I meant place, your only thought is wellington boots, and remembering the conversations at home from the women of the house, to put the seat back down. Well after that experience there is not even a need for a seat, or even a toilet for that matter, those mirrors should just be replaced with pictures of gorillas, even Jack Nicholson is starting to look better. As to the term ladies, just to regurgitate, illusions.. by the way, I have started to not drink that much beer.

Friday, March 02, 2007


I started the week very brave, knowing that Don't tell mama was on the program. After running around Frankfurt, giving out cards and placing the posters around town, I was stopped in the week by the reopening of Main cafe. the object of desire that night was Angie. It was her birthday, and one had to be there. Barbecute Björn was on the decks, and ones presence was acknowledged. The usual suspects were there, Peter ( my boyfriend) Andi, Sabine, Dr Christian, Tanja, Miss Birgit ( she is djing now), and many more that I saw but I cant remember anymore. That done I stumbled home. The week intensified with the onslaught of Don't tell mama, After wearing out my shoes, I waited for the people at das Bett. Must say lots of women there, you know how difficult it is to get the lesbians out. All in all I had a great time, no mood swings. then we all landed in S. till the wee hours.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

La Gata

I got up thinking, things to do get ready get out and move. Move I did after a flurry of telephone calls most of which were not important at all, all the same I made them. then I had to find my way to Städel. Which is a college for the gifted art students.Much to my dismay I found that although the school is not that far from me, I had no idea where the entrance was.The next call Andi Kleim Please could you tell me how the hell I stop myself from walking around this school again. 45 Min's later I finally found the entrance. And made my presence known. (This was after the security guard saw me coming around again). I posted the Don't tell mama posters everywhere, where there was space.
Image Uploaded by <span class= La Gata, I knew that the night would have to end with said place. The girls let me know that I should go there, as I LOVE ANYTHING CARNIVAL. They were having a party that night. On to the city Vidal Sassoon. Cafe Karin, another phone call, rushed by Liliput,thought to myself even if I could move in slow motion, the people would still not have moved. What should I wear. Ran home whilst stopping very shortly in Place to be. Changed the poster then crossed the bridge. Had to first go to Main cafe. Ange was celebrating her 30Th birthday. Free sparkling wine( hate the shit), but they kept me liquefied the whole night. Thank (carrot cake) Sandra. Everyone was there.They have wireless lan. Lovely. I was having a wonderful time, then we were sitting outside but they had that heating thing. I departed reluctantly, because Rose called. So I had to open the bar. A good friend of ours was in town. I told them I would have to leave soon. La gata. I Got my high heels on black, Dsquarted leather jacket, black overalls, black trainers, black leather gloves black scarf, and a beige handbag.Off I was over those Mother fucking cobblestones. Crossed the train tracks, got to the door opened and went inside. Well faster than Helmut Kohl could eat a brat wurst, a creature that came up to my nipples informed me that tonight was ladies night. I looked around and thought I hear ed incorrectly.I then looked down at the miserable creature, and thought of the word Ladies and tried as hard as I could to apply it to the establishment in which I found my self, blank.I was rejected like scabies. Turning on my heels, I departed, in my wake, I said to one of the patrons,such a waste of a heel. with saying that I thought the closest they would come to a heel, would be, one that is attached to a horse. Moving again Damn them, La Gata

Sunday, February 18, 2007


You know living in Frankfurt can be a strange experience. The season is carnival, and the first thing that you will hear from many people is that it is naff. but I revel in the fact that out of the whole year the Germans stop being so Ernst and let out their hair and let it all hang out. So I went out with this in mind and just let it all in and watched the people having fun.This year without arguing with my boyfriend,North German, you know how they are. This Sunday was following celebrating Miss Birgit's birthday in the S. The usual suspects were there Prodi Sabine Daniel, Carmen, Alan, Peter, later adding to this mix Andi, and Berndt, So we had a great time talking about The Wire. Later after they had left I had to tell this one woman on the bar, that I did not like her and please don't think for a moment that what your telling me is of interest to me. Unfortunately, she did not understand that 1 I was speaking to her, 2, that she was the one of my disdain, damn. I went to bed. Sunday I decided to venture into the city, just full full people in all sates of dress I love it. Spent the rest of the afternoon in Schwejk, Listening to the same music I hear ed last year and the year before, and I know I will hear it next year also, but that was not the point, I was just watching. I decided to go home when I realised I was starting to sing the songs, and some person decided that he wanted to be my proctologist. I was like right, the time is now. Enjoy the pic´s.

Photo´s Alexander Sinclair.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dont tell mama

Dont forget the date. more info coming soon. (Flyer: Andi Kliem)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

window shopping

Well I don't do it that much, because I am always disappointed. here I will point out just a few facts. One, the whole purpose of a window, is simply to attract customers.therefore one would assume that with above information as a given, there should be something about the display that would attract some kind of attention. However one gets the feeling or rather I do that, either a mathematician has made the presentation, or the people that are in charge are still in school trying to impress their teacher. now if the latter were true, the best thing to do would be to send said teacher on a long vacation, long meaning walking vacation, like to Madagascar, thus eliminating any possibility of said person coming back before the completion of your education. furthermore If any of you bothered to look, have you noticed that most times when suits are decorated they look like someone that is stuffed for burial. Do you really want to look like that? Or how about when the arms are placed in such a way that the look ends up being like a Woolworth's type shop, in the time of the DDR. If you are a shop owner why would you buy a mannequin with TEETH? Or put a wig on them that if it had a life of its own,would remove it´s self off the head and deposit it´s self in the garbage can. With saying this I have to add especially here in Frankfurt, that owners of the most expensive shops seem to think that just because the clothes cost a lot, that is a decoration by its self. I have news for you. Not working. How about stop being such cheap bastards and pay the decorator. And to those other people that believe more is more why don't you just stuff some mannequins in the window, because I guess 20 is just not enough for a window that is 20 feet by 20 feet. Those mannequins with out arms and legs? The 80´s and 90´s are over, that creativity went out the door, when Micheal Jackson was still Black, and when Linda Evangelista got out of bed, her bank balance just made a continuous chinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. so just to put this point into perspective I decided to just post some of the best a worse in Frankfurt.The top four are just bad. That bed shop, Escada,(that decorator should just move to the basement, come to think of it that is probably where he /she lives)The other I don't care what their names are..(The last four photos are Zara, with the last being from Tiffany´s) to be continued.

Monday, February 12, 2007

The weekend....

Well the weekend finally came to an end. A flurry of activity preceded the end of the week. Starting with the information that Hubertus From Tiffany's was doing a party call(translation) easy girls and tough guys. Great theme I would have loved to have gone had I had the information before. I maybe easy but not cheap. So there were the other places to consider. Die produzentin with Miss Birgit, were spinning at the Städel party but in the end I thought that is was too far, as there were still more places to attend Even thought´I would have loved to have seen Miss Birgit's face when the students asked her to play Justin Timberlake. Priceless. Sad to have missed partying with professor Michael Krebber but I saw him the next night at The S. In the end I went to the Atomic party where Björn was spinning, that was a lot of fun, also not so far from home.(I´m old, dammit). Moving on to Saturday went to a birthday party from my German teachers husband, nice and easy no party bitches, next the birthday party from Florian. Very relaxed and funny watching the dog eating the food. To be continued

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things to look out for

Danielle de Picciotto will be presenting her art on the 28.02.07, at the Mousonturm Frankfurt.
Die Produzentin, and Birgit will be spinning on Friday at Städelschule Frankfurt am Main. Art school).
Basketball players Playing with balls!John Amaechi, came out yesterday.
I am on myspace now. took a while.
My favorite products at the moment. Burt´s Bees.
Barbecute Björn is in Nachtleben on friday night."ATOMIC"
4 queers & folks

Fr, 9.2. 22h 3 EUR
DJ Pol & barbecute björn
NachTleben KonstablerwachE
los, tanzen!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Me and Naomi Campbell

well those of you that know me knew that this was coming. I wrote to Naomi Campbell, on her website imploring her to take me on as her assistant. One can almost hear the shudder. but I have to remain calm. I know that if she were to get to know me she would understand I would be the best. Come on now I can get into clubs by my self I will always look fab, well most of the time. Morals are something of a fantasy for me, as I cant throw stones. and do people really want to confront a British Jamaican Queen, sorry Princess She is the Queen, sorry forgot my place there for a while. And by the way I would have caught that Blackberry. the only thing that I would want out of this relationship would be a chance to carry her bags. The Hermes. ( I don't schlep). there must be a few that just don't go with her style anymore. And if all were to go well I could invite her to The S, and there she could meet some real crazy people. Does anyone out there know her telephone number. call her and tell her, we are a match made in , well whatever. to be continued.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

dream girls

some times it is good to see the original. Nothing about Jennifer Hudson but....... and just to add a coment I had to include this. Maxi Shield,

Friday, February 02, 2007

Dont tell mama

well another night came to an end, don't tell mama came and went. Music was good people were in the mood, but unfortunately we were missing quite a few people.However the party continued in The S until 9 in the morning. Nassos was mad at me, hey I was mad at me, but all came to a good end. We will be lowering the price for don't tell mama. S bar people 5 euros and for the rest 7. Please come and by tickets before, so we can get some go go´s dancers. till the next time. Please note the pics are from me with my new camera that most of you helped to buy.

Photos Alexander