Friday, March 09, 2007


The other day Vogue proclaimed that it was issuing the biggest issue ever. starring Jennifer Hudson. Now I will give her the praise of winning the Oscar,But thin she ain't. Most of the times subtlety is lost on most and invented by others.
Matt Sanchez has in the last weeks been pranced prodded, plucked and paraded, around the Conservative circuit. turns out he likes to be prodded himself. It would seem that the Republican party, is the place to be these days, who knew that the party recruited,in the cruising parks, the church, and porn films. Seems like a night in the S to me. I am still trying to come to terms with why did I not join when I was in school. But there was always this nagging feeling I got when confronted by the parents of my friends. those J crew wearing people. They just had that look of either wanting to be ridden, Or planning on calling Mr Sanchez and asking the merits of male bonding in the military.I will not in anyway try and project myself as the moralistic pillar, as my green house would not be able to call it self such. The question is why have such a high ground praise god at every award show, however as soon as the curtain closes, The vampire frenzy begins, making the crack heads at the hauptbahnhof seem like ballet dancers. The point being call a spade a spade. Jennifer Hudson is, well a rather big girl now, so we needed more pages. The Republican party should just hold Vogue balls, and walk for realness, as they put the rest of us morally impaired to shame.