Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ahh the town of tall buildings, Banks that were made with being green into account. The Rathhaus, Frankfurt the bastion of power. More banks, and a separate police called the Ordungsamt.(Police of order) Then there are more banks and a massive exhibition center that is home to the Car exhibition every 2 years.(I try to leave town for that madness unfortunately I always forget until it is too late).Then another bank opens up around the corner from where I live. Don't see those pesky police when another bank wants to make its noise. Around the corner from all of this there are those other people, those that do not ascribe to the monotony of those god damn banks.These days you hear the words banker and you have to run for the hills.However common thought is those artist types well they are not really all there.I see absolutely nothing wrong with going to the baker in my pyjamas and my wig, distinctly long, curly tendrils caressing my face.Ok well its not really long and I seem to be slightly pale. Well anyway our fab town Frankfurt, town I say as major metropolis would be just a bit much considering. Frankfurt has a few other tit bits to offer none of which I am going to tell you. If I were to do that, there would be a lot of unhappy people. You see there are a bunch of us call it snobby if you will, who really don't want to mingle with the I have a blackberry but don't know how to use it crowd. We are really quite content to sit amongst, like minded people and do like minded things as long as it has nothing to do with those bitches, sorry I ment bastards, sorry b.......


This is what I said the last time but this time I will be updating more as I will be opening a web site which will need updating all the time. The time has come once again to do a reflection of what has gone before and that which will come in the future.I was reading today on the tweet from Richard Quest, which asked the question whether people over the age of 40 were past it, in terms of technology. I thought for a while about this and came to the conclusion that it would be safe to say that we are not that past it, even if one has to constantly tell friends that one can now paste and copy on a mobile device these days.(look of surprise).What has happened in the world of the 40 year olds is just that we now have the money to pay for these gadgets. We still get excited about the Iphone 3Gs, what that exactly stands for is anybody's guess.We want to be on twitter and facebook, and myspace even though we have found that it is a bit loud for our sensitive ears. We are still calling each other up to find out what exactly is twitter, and why?We yes we can for the Obama campaign. we use it to tell friend what a complete idiot Hannity is (more on that later).we use it to get information about Iran. So all in all all is not sad for us. We just need glasses to read the post on those damn small screens.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I know it has been a while since my last post, but I have to pay my Internet bill, so that is the reason, not that I am at a lost for words rather the contrary. A couple of weeks ago Andi from Westsektor mentioned to me that Grace Jones was to appear at a party in Frankfurt. The usual frenzy of who is on the guest list, and, who do you know and, how should we manage it. well this is Frankfurt, not NY. how difficult could it be. Not very, after we had established that we all found cards to said event, everything went smooth, until the night. At the Fine art fair, some of the exhibited pieces were great, I especially liked the beaded car, from Galarie Voss, Claus Richter was able to provide us with his fantasy store front. Lovely stuff. we then proceeded to get ready. The bad part of the whole affair was the Deutche Bank which were the main sponsors, decided that they should have a guest list party, and a part for the regulars. Well I was made to understand that Firstly the party was for People of the fine art messe and the artists, what made them think that to have clients of the bank, as special guest something that was worth doing, we are talking about the same bank that said the couple of billion euros, that went missing with Joergen Schneider was peanuts, was not able to throw just a few nuts around for such an event?????? How does Frankfurt expect to, polish its name as a leader in the art world when the peanut throwing bank was only thinking about acquisitions, The whole thing in the end was a farce,(yes I was in the V.I.P, room). the only thing which I thought was missing from this whole sorry affair on the part of Deutche bank, was just a little bit of Grace

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This is the one, where you should be, and have an outfit that makes talking about you make sense.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Naomi campbell

Well the week has come to a close we sorry I held my breath as what she would wear to scrub floors. the wait was not in vain. from her chauffeured van Miss Campbell alighted, flash Christian Louboutin shoes ( not even going to say how much they cost),channel cap, and an Azzerdine Alia coat.Well, what would you expect? as she shimmied through ice and snow one had to wonder what her new co workers must have thought.Day Two, fur it´s cold outside, then of course scandal. N.Y, police carried her bag into her cleaning duties. I have to give it to her, work it girl is what one can read on the web, or jail the bitch.I say if you can do it do it, who wouldn't. i will update this post, because she came to work today in her work clothes, shock of all shocks, however I did notice that very large Hermes weekend bag. I fear we will not be disappointed by the end of this saga.Flash.

All photos (getty)
Update :
As predicted she did not disappoint.

Friday, March 09, 2007


The other day Vogue proclaimed that it was issuing the biggest issue ever. starring Jennifer Hudson. Now I will give her the praise of winning the Oscar,But thin she ain't. Most of the times subtlety is lost on most and invented by others.
Matt Sanchez has in the last weeks been pranced prodded, plucked and paraded, around the Conservative circuit. turns out he likes to be prodded himself. It would seem that the Republican party, is the place to be these days, who knew that the party recruited,in the cruising parks, the church, and porn films. Seems like a night in the S to me. I am still trying to come to terms with why did I not join when I was in school. But there was always this nagging feeling I got when confronted by the parents of my friends. those J crew wearing people. They just had that look of either wanting to be ridden, Or planning on calling Mr Sanchez and asking the merits of male bonding in the military.I will not in anyway try and project myself as the moralistic pillar, as my green house would not be able to call it self such. The question is why have such a high ground praise god at every award show, however as soon as the curtain closes, The vampire frenzy begins, making the crack heads at the hauptbahnhof seem like ballet dancers. The point being call a spade a spade. Jennifer Hudson is, well a rather big girl now, so we needed more pages. The Republican party should just hold Vogue balls, and walk for realness, as they put the rest of us morally impaired to shame.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dont tell mama

Ladies with an attitude.

Beer is a thing that when consumed in large quantities, the following effects are immediate. One you are as drunk as that uncle that comes over for visits, you're sleeping on the bar, funny how a bar made of hard wood can seem at said moments, as having the effect of the most luxurious mattress that is hand made for the sultan of Brunei.Your making out with that creature, that in your deluded mind looks like Sofia Loren, but in reality resembles,Jack Nicholson peering through the door in the film The shining.
However, there is one persistent need, and that is the river that is building up inside, that needs to be let out at the speed of the Niagara Falls. Men's bathroom full, so in you go to the fresh women's room . Lights large mirrors, ladies refreshing make up, that term ladies conjours in my mind, Iman, then again illusions are many times just that, illusions. Because as you let your self into the stall, sorry I meant the bathroom, the floor is full of toilet paper, because the hole in the toilet is too small to be able to throw it in, secondly the toilet paper is gone even though there are only 2 women in the whole bar, and lastly the toilet seat looks as if a cat was trying to emulating his beloved master, by trying to master, relieving and balancing on the toilet seat. now there was a period in our lives that we all want to forget, and that is the time in which we were placed on some plastic object so that we could learn to use the toilet instead of just letting it all hang out with us for a while until, someone noticed, that it is not the garbage can that needs to be changed. with that said I would like to know, how is it possible that The ladies are not able to master, sitting on the toilet. Now I have had this conversation many times but I am stilled puzzled. the arguments stemming from not getting pregnant, (this is why the story of Boris Beckers last baby was able to remain in the press for a while) To catching some disease. Well, I know that women have different parts to men, however am I to assume that said part is so huge as to take up the whole circumference of the toilet seat that the possibility of getting some kind of disease is, well rather higher. Because you know what even I would want to see that big pussy. After you tiptoe out of that stall, sorry hole, I meant place, your only thought is wellington boots, and remembering the conversations at home from the women of the house, to put the seat back down. Well after that experience there is not even a need for a seat, or even a toilet for that matter, those mirrors should just be replaced with pictures of gorillas, even Jack Nicholson is starting to look better. As to the term ladies, just to regurgitate, illusions.. by the way, I have started to not drink that much beer.

Friday, March 02, 2007


I started the week very brave, knowing that Don't tell mama was on the program. After running around Frankfurt, giving out cards and placing the posters around town, I was stopped in the week by the reopening of Main cafe. the object of desire that night was Angie. It was her birthday, and one had to be there. Barbecute Björn was on the decks, and ones presence was acknowledged. The usual suspects were there, Peter ( my boyfriend) Andi, Sabine, Dr Christian, Tanja, Miss Birgit ( she is djing now), and many more that I saw but I cant remember anymore. That done I stumbled home. The week intensified with the onslaught of Don't tell mama, After wearing out my shoes, I waited for the people at das Bett. Must say lots of women there, you know how difficult it is to get the lesbians out. All in all I had a great time, no mood swings. then we all landed in S. till the wee hours.