Friday, March 23, 2007

Naomi campbell

Well the week has come to a close we sorry I held my breath as what she would wear to scrub floors. the wait was not in vain. from her chauffeured van Miss Campbell alighted, flash Christian Louboutin shoes ( not even going to say how much they cost),channel cap, and an Azzerdine Alia coat.Well, what would you expect? as she shimmied through ice and snow one had to wonder what her new co workers must have thought.Day Two, fur it´s cold outside, then of course scandal. N.Y, police carried her bag into her cleaning duties. I have to give it to her, work it girl is what one can read on the web, or jail the bitch.I say if you can do it do it, who wouldn't. i will update this post, because she came to work today in her work clothes, shock of all shocks, however I did notice that very large Hermes weekend bag. I fear we will not be disappointed by the end of this saga.Flash.

All photos (getty)
Update :
As predicted she did not disappoint.