Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Me and Naomi Campbell

well those of you that know me knew that this was coming. I wrote to Naomi Campbell, on her website imploring her to take me on as her assistant. One can almost hear the shudder. but I have to remain calm. I know that if she were to get to know me she would understand I would be the best. Come on now I can get into clubs by my self I will always look fab, well most of the time. Morals are something of a fantasy for me, as I cant throw stones. and do people really want to confront a British Jamaican Queen, sorry Princess She is the Queen, sorry forgot my place there for a while. And by the way I would have caught that Blackberry. the only thing that I would want out of this relationship would be a chance to carry her bags. The Hermes. ( I don't schlep). there must be a few that just don't go with her style anymore. And if all were to go well I could invite her to The S, and there she could meet some real crazy people. Does anyone out there know her telephone number. call her and tell her, we are a match made in , well whatever. to be continued.