Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Drag vs leathermen

Interesting is the fact that many Men in the gay scene, have a problem with Drag queens, or say fashion queens, however during my long days on this earth I have come to the conclusion that, well what exactly is the difference. Take for example that within the gay scene, there are many different subcultures, leathermen, muscle marys, and the disco bunny's to name a few. The question that needs to be ask is what is the significant difference between those said groups. Well lets take a look at the Drag queens, we all know the ones that have made the press. RuPaul,
She would have to go out buy or make her clothes before she makes her appearances, our leathermen on the other hand would argue that they represent real men and nothing could compare them to the other. Hmm, I would however counter that if you have to go to a shop after work to get an outfit that does not in anyway fit you job requirements, and that said outfit costs a lot of money, that what you have bought is drag. As above mentioned if Drag is a costume then an outfit whether it is for the leathermen or the disco bunnies is still a costume. At the end of the day it is all fantasy , one uses mascara the other grooms his moustache. One has sequins the other has chains and rivets. I personally would prefer in the end to hang out with the Drag Queen because at least she will at the least entertain me with her wit if she has one. The leatherman well you never know if you will end up being tied to the bed, or having to accommodate, the missionary position that so many of then adopt once they get back to the bed room. Which would in the end be a Drag if it was a Man you had in mind