Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The S

Well another weekend is over and what a night. Miss Viola gave us more than we thought we wanted. Hands in the air and people screaming is just what we want to be part of. Of course the usual suspects were there. Birgit, Sabine, Björn, Andy, Peter, Nancy. Oli, ( with that fantastic costume). We had of course, MrChristiann working the room as only he knows how. Needless to say knowing the he is a doctor, it is understandable that his hands would want to test the merchandise. But I would like to Add that Miss Nora is a great addition to The S. Lovely to see the ladies drooling and the Other men asking the question why! When I finally get the pictures then all those that were there will be able to see if they were caught in the act. by the way the next theme will be. The Betty ford clinic.