Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things to look out for

Danielle de Picciotto will be presenting her art on the 28.02.07, at the Mousonturm Frankfurt.
Die Produzentin, and Birgit will be spinning on Friday at Städelschule Frankfurt am Main. Art school).
Basketball players Playing with balls!John Amaechi, came out yesterday.
I am on myspace now. took a while.
My favorite products at the moment. Burt´s Bees.
Barbecute Björn is in Nachtleben on friday night."ATOMIC"
4 queers & folks

Fr, 9.2. 22h 3 EUR
DJ Pol & barbecute björn
NachTleben KonstablerwachE
los, tanzen!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Me and Naomi Campbell

well those of you that know me knew that this was coming. I wrote to Naomi Campbell, on her website imploring her to take me on as her assistant. One can almost hear the shudder. but I have to remain calm. I know that if she were to get to know me she would understand I would be the best. Come on now I can get into clubs by my self I will always look fab, well most of the time. Morals are something of a fantasy for me, as I cant throw stones. and do people really want to confront a British Jamaican Queen, sorry Princess She is the Queen, sorry forgot my place there for a while. And by the way I would have caught that Blackberry. the only thing that I would want out of this relationship would be a chance to carry her bags. The Hermes. ( I don't schlep). there must be a few that just don't go with her style anymore. And if all were to go well I could invite her to The S, and there she could meet some real crazy people. Does anyone out there know her telephone number. call her and tell her, we are a match made in , well whatever. to be continued.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

dream girls

some times it is good to see the original. Nothing about Jennifer Hudson but....... and just to add a coment I had to include this. Maxi Shield,