Sunday, February 18, 2007


You know living in Frankfurt can be a strange experience. The season is carnival, and the first thing that you will hear from many people is that it is naff. but I revel in the fact that out of the whole year the Germans stop being so Ernst and let out their hair and let it all hang out. So I went out with this in mind and just let it all in and watched the people having fun.This year without arguing with my boyfriend,North German, you know how they are. This Sunday was following celebrating Miss Birgit's birthday in the S. The usual suspects were there Prodi Sabine Daniel, Carmen, Alan, Peter, later adding to this mix Andi, and Berndt, So we had a great time talking about The Wire. Later after they had left I had to tell this one woman on the bar, that I did not like her and please don't think for a moment that what your telling me is of interest to me. Unfortunately, she did not understand that 1 I was speaking to her, 2, that she was the one of my disdain, damn. I went to bed. Sunday I decided to venture into the city, just full full people in all sates of dress I love it. Spent the rest of the afternoon in Schwejk, Listening to the same music I hear ed last year and the year before, and I know I will hear it next year also, but that was not the point, I was just watching. I decided to go home when I realised I was starting to sing the songs, and some person decided that he wanted to be my proctologist. I was like right, the time is now. Enjoy the pic´s.

Photo´s Alexander Sinclair.