Monday, May 14, 2007


I know it has been a while since my last post, but I have to pay my Internet bill, so that is the reason, not that I am at a lost for words rather the contrary. A couple of weeks ago Andi from Westsektor mentioned to me that Grace Jones was to appear at a party in Frankfurt. The usual frenzy of who is on the guest list, and, who do you know and, how should we manage it. well this is Frankfurt, not NY. how difficult could it be. Not very, after we had established that we all found cards to said event, everything went smooth, until the night. At the Fine art fair, some of the exhibited pieces were great, I especially liked the beaded car, from Galarie Voss, Claus Richter was able to provide us with his fantasy store front. Lovely stuff. we then proceeded to get ready. The bad part of the whole affair was the Deutche Bank which were the main sponsors, decided that they should have a guest list party, and a part for the regulars. Well I was made to understand that Firstly the party was for People of the fine art messe and the artists, what made them think that to have clients of the bank, as special guest something that was worth doing, we are talking about the same bank that said the couple of billion euros, that went missing with Joergen Schneider was peanuts, was not able to throw just a few nuts around for such an event?????? How does Frankfurt expect to, polish its name as a leader in the art world when the peanut throwing bank was only thinking about acquisitions, The whole thing in the end was a farce,(yes I was in the V.I.P, room). the only thing which I thought was missing from this whole sorry affair on the part of Deutche bank, was just a little bit of Grace