Thursday, October 12, 2006

What`s in Whats`s out

1) Those eastpack money belts. Get a hand bag
2)That miserable J`lo look. you know if you look pregnant and you are not, then you should really think about that skimpy top that you insist on wearing.
3)Hmm being orange when the colour that was wished should have been brown. is not the way.Put less money in the browning mashine.
4)people making money because they have a famous name. And a sex tape
1)Residence Il Gavillaccio. Gorgeous, and the Gucci outlet is just a stone throw away.(How shallow)
2)Any handbag from Hermes
3)Vocal house music for clubbing
4)Anything that Naomi Campbell does realy how many people knew that you could throw a blackberry before)
5)A drag queen named KiKi

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fashion questions

A thought just came running through my head.
why do men wear those eastpack money belts? Anyone knows that when you go on holidays with such article, a big bullseye is painted on your forhead. Is the reason that these Men want to hide that fact that they have a big package( which would be a first in history)or are they selling drugs which if the case is the latter, I would very much doubt the quality, seeing as those that have to revert to such tactics certainly would not have the said products to make my night chemically enhanced to my liking. May I suggest a purse, not the man bag whatever that is supposed to mean. A nice purse with compartments.Since said man is not trying to hide package, or maybe the lack of , then the obvious reason according to me, would be the lack of a stylish purse.Take the time out and browse through ebay I am sure that there will be something to your liking

Bill O'Reilly and chorus

It has come to my attention, over the last years, that America has come into a new phenonomen. when I lived there in the 80,s I was always taken aback buy the lack of foreign news. Being that the news stories were almost always local. Europe and the rest of the world were treated as the backward cousin that was only deserving of attention when attention was dotted out. Or a war needed to be raged. Even so at the given time the airways were free from the likes of Bill oreily and his folk. It seems hysterical to the point of disbelief, that the media outlets allow individuals such as AnnCoulter Sean Hannity, Mike Wallace a platform, and they truly belive that they are 1) Fair and ballanced, 2) The no spin zone. Somebody help me here. Firstly Sean states that Clinton had an affair with an intern that was 19. Hmm quick check she was already in her 20´s and the affair was consensual. The question is where are the checks and balances. How does a network let people get away with this.
As I ring my hands in fustration watching these goof balls getting all the air time that can be allotted to them, I wonder are the Americans so clueless as to continue driving up the ratings? Or do they feel a sense of resignment.What I find also incredible is the blatant use of the networks at the selling of products While talking about subjects that should not be reduced to sound bites. I was not in America for the impeachment of Clinton, However my friends and I were amazed that the Country could become so embroiled of the presidential blowjob. this hypocrisy comes from a Country that spends according to (Steve Kroft´s documentary)over 10billion dollars a year on Porn. Now I would argue that that can´t be just a fringe group. I get a certain bad taste when people start to find excuses´s as to who leaked what memo to who. concerning the Foley case.That is not Important. It should not be partisan. The man needs help. But to compare him To Clinton is a bit far fetched. There is light at the end of the tunnel there is Keith Olbermann, that dares to speak up in that sea of dissent. Would be nice to see more following in the same manner. would be great for a change to see people that are at least up todate on current or even past affairs.
Maybe in that sea of madness The americans will finally wake up and smell the coffee and see that they have been taken for a big ride, then again there are more than enough people that like riding.In any event, I wil use this very convienient medium to let out those screams that get trapped whilst sharing in the comedy of those in the No spin Zone.