Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fashion questions

A thought just came running through my head.
why do men wear those eastpack money belts? Anyone knows that when you go on holidays with such article, a big bullseye is painted on your forhead. Is the reason that these Men want to hide that fact that they have a big package( which would be a first in history)or are they selling drugs which if the case is the latter, I would very much doubt the quality, seeing as those that have to revert to such tactics certainly would not have the said products to make my night chemically enhanced to my liking. May I suggest a purse, not the man bag whatever that is supposed to mean. A nice purse with compartments.Since said man is not trying to hide package, or maybe the lack of , then the obvious reason according to me, would be the lack of a stylish purse.Take the time out and browse through ebay I am sure that there will be something to your liking